About Us

Buckswood Global Education (BGE) has a long and enviable record of success in providing educational opportunity to students from over forty nationalities. It is the corporate title given to a series of companies born of a commitment to the importance of global education: an education that extends well beyond the classroom. The skills that we foster in our students of all ages, from every corner of the globe, seek to instil in them an understanding that education is the bedrock of success in all that they seek to achieve in the future. Our success lies in the success of our students and if this recipe for success were to be bottled the principal ingredients, of which there are many, would certainly comprise of knowledge, proficiency, commitment, vision, dedication, self-discipline and internationalism.

The desire to participate in an English educational programme has increased in recent decades as more and more of the world’s young people seek life’s opportunities across continents other than their own. Indeed, much of the world’s business is still conducted in English, and while Chinese and Spanish are desirable second languages, English remains the world’s most favoured language for educational, business and vocational purposes.

The corporate companies of BGE are well-established educational and entrepreneurial models that are well placed to extend their educational philosophies and methodologies to ambitious young people eager to make their way in an increasingly complex and competitive global workplace.

Two of our companies, for example, provide students with a practical element to classroom theory. Wisdom Wines and Buckswood Swaziland Solar (a joint solar-power and sustainable energy initiative between BGE and the Kingdom of Eswatini) is one way in which students of economics and business – indeed any with an entrepreneurial spirit – can apply what they learn in the classroom to practical application.

All teaching must have meaning, relevance and seek to broaden the mind, sharpen ambition and foster in students the mindset that dreams can become a reality through sheer determination and hard work on the part of the student, and inspirational teaching via a challenging, relevant curriculum on the part of the teacher.